This is a continuation of the Getting Started series.

I've always believed the people of the world are divided into two main categories: poets and scientists. Poets are good with creating things, whether it be written, drawn, constructed, or otherwise. Scientists are good with numbers. Some call this dichotomy right-brained vs left-brained, respectively.

Be a Creator, and Be One With Your Money

Okay, for all you poets out there that think you can't manage your money because it takes a scientist, Liquid comes to the rescue. Here's your chance to create! Think of it as a blank palette and you get to design a masterpiece; this masterpiece will be your financial picture.

Where Do I Begin?

Let's begin with the things you can readily get your hands on: your liquid assets, also know as your cash. Most of us know where most of our accessible funds are without having to think too hard about it. Some of you may even start by looking under the sofa cushions.

Once you've assembled up all your money, it's time to input it into your Liquid canvas. Let's start painting our canvas in the upper left corner, which will list is all the money amounts you've just been gathering.

Step 1

Tap the green square will open the Money quadrant. Once the quadrant is opened, tapping the "+" will allow you three places to categorize your cash.

Cash is what's in your pocket, some of which may have come from the sofa cushions, in your dresser, or under the mattress. Checking are those accounts at the bank from which you pay the bills. Savings are those accounts at the bank in which you keep money for long periods of time.

Step 2

So, let's say you have $52.00 in your wallet, and $0.37 in change. By tapping "Cash" you'll create an account that holds the above amount. It will still appear as the above image, as "Cash" is the default.

Step 3

You may wish to name it "In my pocket" and then enter the amount and hit "Done."

Step 4

Now hit the "Save" button in the upper right and your account is set up.

You may create as many of these accounts as you wish, as you may set up another account named "Under the mattress" and input the amount you have stashed there.

Next, repeat the above steps for all your savings and checking accounts. There you have it. All your money is set up. You'll now see that currently your Liquid Number is simply the sum of all your money.

I Look Great! Got Money All Set Up

But, don't get carried away. We've only just started. All you've accounted for at this point is your money, so your canvas looks real good right now. We've yet to enter your expenses, which will take your Liquid Number down a notch or two.

By creating your Liquid canvas methodically you'll be able to quickly see how each of the quadrants affect your Liquid Number. The sooner you recognize how the parts of the canvas work together, the sooner you'll be on your way to a brighter future with us.

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