About Max

Max Jaffe, the founder of Liquid Enterprises, LLC, works with those who want to keep more of what they make. Step one is an understanding of how money works, so they can make better financial decisions in their personal life. Since less personal financial stress leads to greater productivity at work, employers are joining the personal financial literacy bandwagon.

A spoiled rich kid from birth, Max learned the cold, hard facts about money woes at the age of eight when his father’s lucrative oil exploration business hit hard financial times and Max’s family had to move out of their posh 8,000 square-foot house and into a small, three-bedroom apartment. That childhood experience instilled in Max a burning curiosity about money and how it works, so he spent his lifetime learning about it including earning his CPA in 1983. Today, Max enlightens folks about personal cash flow by conducting interactive workshops where he teaches the Liquid budgeting system, which is based on a patent he received.

In addition to his passions of making and keeping money, Max has a strong belief in the power of volunteerism. Through Junior Achievement he has taught economics to high school students, for nine years he was a swim coach for Special Olympics, and volunteers for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Survivors Volunteer Network. Max recently founded a 501 (c) (3): the Durable Medical Equipment Exchange of Dallas which collects used durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, then sanitizes, refurbishes, and distributes them to people in need.

About Liquid

Liquid is a proven, patented personal budgeting system. Gone are the spreadsheets with an overwhelming maze of disparate numbers that make no sense whatsoever. Liquid is the first budgeting system that synthesizes the fundamental relationship between your cash, your credit card balance, your income, and your expenses by distilling all your data to a single, trackable number.


Liquid is the Wayne Gretzky approach to personal budgeting: in a single glance you’ll see into the future by knowing exactly what your financial situation will be at the end of the month. Liquid reorients your thinking about money by showing you the true cost of everything on which you spend money by showing you how long you have to work in order to have the money for all your purchases.