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You spend your entire life working for the retirement of your dreams. Just like almost everything else in life, it won’t be handed to you, at least, not the money for it.

Unlike the days when employers, along with government programs, guaranteed our parents’ retirements, the only way to retire comfortably today is to have something invested that will produce the income we need.

But… before investing, it’s paramount to get out of debt because your debt is probably charging you more than your investments can earn. Before getting out of debt, we need to save money in order to pay it off, and the only way we can save money is to track our spending through a budget. Yes, that’s right: a budget.

The problem with most budgeting methods is that they only look in the past and tell you what you’ve spent. At that point the toothpaste is out of the tube. Standard budgets present the user with an overwhelming amount of disparate numbers and the user has absolutely no clue where they stand or what the numbers mean. The result is uncertainty, which leads wrong action, or even worse, inaction.

Budgets don’t need to be rocket science or require the credentials of a CPA. They should be simple and easy to understand. They need to show the user exactly what their financial snap shot looks like in a single glance.

Liquid succeeds on all counts - the first budgeting method for today’s fast-paced world that gives you instant certainty of where you stand with a single number. Based on a proven, patented system, it’s the only method that successfully integrates and optimizes the fundamental relationship between cash, income, credit card debt, and expenses by distilling all numbers into a single number. That number shows you exactly where you’ll be at the end of the month.


Exit the Spreadsheet

The Liquid App utilizes a fun and engaging interface. No more confusing spreadsheets!

A Forward-Looking Single Number

We want to know where we stand financially. Your bank balance doesn’t tell you the entire picture, and that may be throwing you off. Liquid distills all your numbers to a single number so you can see with certainty where you stand now, and at the end of the month, with a single glance. This is your built-in emergency fund.




Time is the universal commodity. Money represents time; time is NOT money, but rather, money is time: it is the physical manifestation of time. Liquid calculates how fast you earn money and converts all your numbers into time. $200.00 means different things to everyone; Liquid shows you how long you have to work for each number on your budget, revealing their significance and impact.

Automatic Rollover

Everyone earns and spends different amounts of money month-to-month. Liquid obliterates the stress this causes by creating clarity with rollover. Smooth-out your earning and spending and get on with your life.


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Want to learn more about Liquid and what it can offer you.  Check out my easy step by step instructions to get you on the road to financial freedom. 

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At Liquid Enterprises we know it can be hard keeping up with your budget everyday. So we have created some tools to help you stay on top of your Liquid Number. 

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Max Jaffe is the innovator behind Liquid.  Max is a public speaker and financial expert.   Learn more about Max and how he can help you, your company, or your next big event. 

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