Most people's fear of flying is not in the flying itself, but paying the airfare.

There are certain days of the week where it's less expensive to purchase an airline ticket than other days. Generally, Tuesday through Thursday the prices go down. Then, come Thursday evening, the prices start to increase. Savings can be substantial if you buy mid-week as opposed to the weekend.

Another thing to consider is the day you fly. Historically, if you fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday you'll get a better fare than if you fly on Monday, Friday or Sunday.

Another thing to keep in mind is the internet. Some airlines are using Facebook and Twitter to broadcast sales to customers at any time of the day, and the sale may only be for the next few minutes, not unlike your favorite sandwich shop when they put the pastrami sandwich on sale. So, sign up for alerts.

Keep in mind flying is only one part of travel expense. Plan your trip so what you save on flying isn't spent on the hotel, rental car or food. It's all about knowing all your expenses before you make the leap.

So, how's that fear of flying? Thinking about booking a trip?

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