Yesterday, I wrote about thieves catching you through your social media website postings. Let's turn the table around and see what can happen to someone trying to escape the reach of a collector. The saying has often been said: criminals will eventually give themselves away; that's how they're normally caught. The same can now be said for people heavily in debt.

Here's the catch, no pun intended. With so many people communicating on social network sites, debt collectors are now searching these sights to find out more about the debtors they are trying to locate, including their addresses. It's pretty easy to piece facts together given all the information people are giving freely to the world.

To make matters worse, borrowers are enhancing the case being built by the collector, as well as escalating their debt, by tweeting their latest retail extravaganzas. This is not unlike the criminal letting authorities know how to catch them. It's human nature; people generally end up digging their own graves.

So, what did you tweet about? That new $1,500 Brooks Brothers suit? Did you post a picture of you in your new Mercedes on Facebook? Better watch won't be Santa coming to town.

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