Since we're approaching Valentine's Day, it seems appropriate to talk about love and money since they seem to be inextricably tied together. Especially on Valentine's Day when people spend money on their love. 

Often we look for someone who has control over their finances because we don't want to schlep another person's financial albatross, so we're often looking for both love and money. 

Having Confidence is Key

Research indicates that most people are attracted to those who exude confidence; however, there's a fine line here. If you go overboard, you come across as conceited, and that's a real turn-off to most. One of the best ways to create confidence is to have your finances in order; there is nothing quite like the confidence gained when you know you can meet all your obligations when they come due.

At Liquid we believe in getting out of debt and simultaneously creating an emergency fund. Once you have no more debt and your emergency fund is adequate, you're on your way to meeting all your obligations as they arise and you can start putting money towards retirement. It's never too early to plan for retirement. We refer to this as managing your money the Liquid Way.

Opposites Indeed Attract

In my consulting experiences, most couples complement each other. That means typically one is a spender and the other is a saver. Beyond being a spender or saver, many people simply want to know what exactly the other person's money situation looks like: kinda tricky territory for conversation, especially on a first date. You really can't make a judgement on the car they drive or the clothes they wear, as they may drive a Jaguar and wear designer clothes and be in debt beyond their eyeballs.

In order to find out, Leslie Greenman, author of Dating Our Money, says on a first date she waits for the check to arrive (this assumes you're not at McDonald's) and reaches for her wallet as she offers to pay half of the check with cash. She then says she only pays for things with cash. What comes next is very revealing as her date will usually tell all about his relationship with credit. For guys, see if she offers to pay, and the method of payment she uses.

Love and Money According to Max

Life Experiences Are Fundamental

Dating can get very expensive and can be a hardship if you're unemploymed. But the good news is, there are many activities ready to be enjoyed that don't cost a ton of money. Art galleries are fun and you get to look at what's trendy in the art world. Walking in the park and talking is another great example of a free event. I once took a date to the grocery store (stay with me here) and we went back to my home and fixed dinner. It was very romantic and of course a lot less expensive than dining out.

A study conducted at Cornell University revealed that experiences, not material possessions, lead to greater long-term enjoyment.

Are you looking for love, money, or experiences this Valentine's Day?