Today as we celebrate the 235th birthday of the Land of the Free, let's take a load off and talk about we can get  good free stuff. We spend so much money in our society, it's not just on things, but events as well. Going to a major league sports game requires nothing short of getting a second lien on the house. We think we have to spend to do anything. Think again.

Going For The Memories

I've written about it many times before: memories. Research at Cornell University found that it was the experiences, not material items that derived more long-term enjoyment. Experiences such as tossing a ball with your kid in the front yard, teaching your children how to bake cookies (preferably from scratch,) or riding bikes in the neighborhood don't cost a dime, except for the ingredients for the cookies. Hopefully, you've already purchased the bike and the ball to toss.

Going To The Library

Well...for starters, reading itself is free. Have you run out of ideas? Have you run to the library lately? There's lots to do at the library for free. Not just books, but the latest magazines as well: think about how much you can save on annual subscriptions.

Don't want to read? There's music and audiobooks you can check out. There's movies and CDs as well. Need to repair your car or truck? You can look at the auto repair databases and learn how to fix what's wrong with your car, if you have the determination to do so, and save lots of bucks in the meantime.

Going Online

Simply googling "free things to do in (your city)" you'll find web sites and other resources available that will lead you to free stuff in your immediate area. Or, simply going to will provide a map to click the area you're needing to find out about.

So there's lots of things to do that won't cost any money. This will keep you from spending hard-earned cash and creating memories that will have a longer effect.

What are some of the things you do for free?

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