We live our lives around what we're taught growing up. Sometimes we will start to believe differently when we experience the real world and realize some of what we've been taught really doesn't make sense. Many beliefs around money are learned early in life and sometimes we just can't shake them.

A Credit Card Balance Will Help My Credit Score

Making charges on your credit card will help you establish credit, but you don't need to have a rolling balance. In order to establish credit you need to have a credit history. That credit history can be derived just fine by making purchases on your credit card and paying off the balance. I've always done that and my credit score is above 800.

Only Wealthy People Need Financial Planners

Everyone who isn't qualified to be a financial planner needs one; even financial planners have other financial planners look at their portfolio to get another opinion. (Sometimes it's hard to be objective about a situation when you're too deep into it.) Choosing the right financial planner is paramount. It's a good idea to choose one that charges a fee (could be a flat amount per year or a percentage of your portfolio) as opposed to commission so you're sure they're not just trying to sell you. Sometimes human nature isn't as objective when there's a commission involved.

A Big Tax Refund Is Great!

You're just giving Uncle Sam an interest-free loan of your money. If your company offers a 401(k), especially with a match, why not sock the money away in there? You'll earn a return on it and get free retirement money as well. So much better than letting the government have it!

I Don't Make Enough To Save

It's all about discipline; putting back so you don't spend more than you make. I've known women who were assistants (formerly called secretaries) who barely made the minimum wage, but they found a way to retire as millionaires! EVERYONE makes enough to save something, and over time even a little will make a big difference.

Debt Is Part Of Being An Adult

I have never paid a dime in credit card interest. Yes, I've had a mortgage, but after 11 years, I paid it off. That was six years ago, and I haven't moved, so I haven't gone back into debt. Getting the obligation of debt off your back is the best stress reliever there is.

Do you have any myths about money you'd like to share?