Like the government, most people make enough money; and like the government, most people need to cut their spending. However, after trimming the obvious things, such as the stuff you don't really need or seldom use, you reach a point when you get wary and you don't know what else you can cut.

Foreclosures Are A Window Into Spending Habits

Mortgage companies will tell you when they enter a home that's been foreclosed it is in a shambles. There's junk all over the place; it's difficult navigating from room to room because there's so much stuff on the floor. Another thing that is commonly found in a foreclosed home are unopened bills lying around.

What this suggests is that not only is someone's financial mess in crisis stage, but their everday life is chaotic as well. Their daily life is a reflection of their financial life.

Get In Touch With Yourself

I recently read an article from a blog, The Simple Dollar, recommending starting from the center. That center would be the cener of YOU. Think about the things you value the most, make a list, then prioritize that list. Think of all the hobbies you like to do; you'll probably find the hobbies you enjoy most don't cost that much at all, if anything.

Figure Out Where You Really Want To Spend Your Money

Too often we buy things we can't afford that we don't use or enjoy to impress people we don't even know. The result is we lose sight of who we really are.

Experiences vs. Possessions

Cornell University professor Tom Gilovich conducted a study showing that experiences, not material possessions, are what leads to greater long-term enjoyment. I remember when I was three, which was half a century ago, my father taking me to the airport. No, we didn't have a plane to catch, nor were we picking up someone. We went and sat outside and watched the planes take off and land. I'll never forget it. How much did it cost? $0.00. How much was it worth? Well, ironically, as they say on the credit card ad. "priceless."

Find the things that are important to you and you'll find peace.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing that don't cost a lot of money and will allow you to save money on things you don't enjoy as much?