Many times when people begin to cook at home they begin to look at it as an adventure, as opposed to a chore. When this happens, they become creative. I know people who started cooking with a crock pot and before long they moved from culinary terror to culinary delight. Many people have had the same experience when they get a grill.

Fire Up That Grill And Save Money

Now don't go overboard when you buy a grill; many people go hog-wild and overbuy. Besides, you may find that you don't like it. Start small, you can always buy up.

May I even suggest one of those table-top grills that is perfect for fixing for a small family. You may want to purchase one even if you already have the gargantuan Weber for times when you're only cooking for a couple of people. The best thing is that it only takes a handful of charcoal briquettes. Otherwise, it's kind of like driving your hummer to the grocery store just to pick up an onion.

Store Brand Charcoal On The Cheap

You can go another step on the money-savings route by purchasing Sam's Choice charcoal briquettes at Walmart. For a mere $6.50 you can get 30 lbs. of charcoal. It's actually better because the briquettes are larger and they burn longer.

DIY Charcoal Lighter

Since the store brand is not "match-light," you gotta figure out how to light it: buy a charcoal chimney.

You put scraps of junk mail on the bottom with the charcoal on top. Light the paper and in a few minutes the charcoal is hot enough to start cooking. Besides, it's a great way to get rid of junk mail.

Cooking at home can save a ton of dough and the biproduct is you get your steak cooked exactly the way you want it; you only have yourself to blame if it doesn't come out the way you like. Who knows, you may end up liking this cooking stuff and become a gourmet chef.

What are some of the meals you would like to fix on the grill?

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