Well... and you thought the IRS was mean and threatening. It appears they have a human side.

Augmentaion as a Medical Expense

Many breast cancer survivors who've had a mastectomy complain of excruciating pain deep down at the surgical site if they are accidentally bumped, like in a crowded elevator. Breast reconstruction is considered a medical expense and not "unnecessary cosmetic surgery" so it can be deducted as a medical expense.

Augmentaion as a Business Expense

From another angle, consider this: Rob Seltzer, a Beverly Hills CPA, tells the story of an exotic dancer who was able to claim her breast augmentation as business expense. Seems like some people just get all the perks with their job!

Living the Resort Life

Neither of these work for you? What about a swimming pool? Seltzer had another client who endured major neck and back injuries and the doctor told him the only way to remain active was to swim. He built a pool and was able to write it off as a medical expense. Make sure you have the support of your physician.

So, it looks like the IRS has a heart when it comes to breast implants and a pool for neck and back injuries.

As mama used to say, "It never hurts to ask." Could be that you have some medical procedure you're dreading because of the cost. Why not ask your accountant if the procedure is deductible? You might be surprised!

Now all these stories have been kind of tongue in cheek, but have you had any medical expense that you didn't think could be deductible and found out in fact, with a doctor's prescription, it was? Let us know in the comments below.