For years I've believed that being physically fit means being fiscally fit. The numbers don't lie. Amway has developed a wellness program for their employees and it is really paying off for both Amway and the employees.

The employees get a two-floor gym in their Michigan headquarters. (That doesn't impact the employees in Texas.) The gym is state-of-the-art, complete with a weight room, pilates classes, basketball court and nutritionist. I don't know if it has an indoor pool. Membership is only $8.00 a month so it's a lot less expensive than joining a typical gym.

At $8.00 a month, Amway is clearly picking up most of the tab. Amway's manager of the program said in three years, the program is coming out ahead. The company saves $2.00 for every $1.00 they spend on the program. This is corroborated by the fact that medical and prescription claims are down 8% for those who participate in the program compared to a 2% increase in medical costs for those who don't.

So, regardless of whether you're employed by someone who offers medical benefits, wouldn't you feel better if you worked out? Not only does exercise clear the mind, but makes you more fit, giving you a better all-around appearance. You know how flattering it is when someone walks up to you and remarks about the fact you've lost weight...even when you haven't.

Something for you entrepreneurs to think about, since you're paying all your expenses. Your medical costs will be lower if you exercise. If you don't currenly have medical expenses, just wait, it's catch up to you. It's best to be prepared, or better yet, to prevent them. Exercise is a great way to prevent medical costs and make you more fiscally fit as well as physically fit.

Let me hear from you; what is your favorite form of exercise? Please let me know in the comment below.