Since it's still close to the beginning of the year with New Year's resolutions and all, there's still time to honor your resolutions. Joining a gym comes to mind. Remember, once you've joined, you have to use the gym in order fot it to work.

You knew this would be about money. Membership dues comes to mind. Gym dues are one of those; you may save an entire month's of dues if you pay the whole year at once. Many dues, such as those for gym memberships, are billed monthly. You might want to check with your gym and ask if you would receive a discount if you paid your dues once a year. The worst that can happen is they tell you no. If they do, then negotiate. After all, they're getting use of your money early.

Don't worry, at today's interest rates, you're not going to earn a lot of interest on a year's worth of a gym membership; perhaps a dizzying $4.73. You'll be saving a whole lot more that that if you pay all at once. Besides, you gotta pay taxes on the $4.73 of earnings.

So, you're thinking, what if the organization to which I've just paid a year's worth dues to goes bankrupt? Gyms come to mind. Most credit cards will reimburse you for the prorata share you lost. That means if you paid an entire year's worth and the organization goes bankrupt after three months, the credit card will reimburse you for the nine months you lost. Not all credit cards will do this, so check with yours before you do this.

You're wondering, I can barely pay the monthly fees, how can I possibly pay an entire year all at once? If you used our app, Liquid, you could start saving on a monthly basis in the "Reserving" section. When your annual dues are up, you'll have the money in the bank to pay for them.

What are some of the monthly subscriptions you have that you could pay annually and save a lot of money?

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