No longer are we using our phones just to place a phone call. We surf the web, play games, check our stocks, tweet, check out Facebook, receive the news, you name it, what we used to do when we got to the office or got home we can now do in the palm of our hands. The rise of smartphones has been no less than phenominal.

Gaining access to information has never been easier with the rise of tablet computers as well. Gartner Inc., the worlds leading information technology research and advisory company, predicts there will be over 200 million tablet computers in use by 2014.

What all this means is that not only do we want and feel the need to constantly be in touch, but interestingly, the use of personal computers is down 20% since 2008.

Since we need to be in touch with our Twitter friends so badly, why not be in touch with something that runs our daily lives: our personal finances? Every decision we make involves money because it costs money to do just about anything. So why not check and see the status of your money, just as you would check and see where your friends are right now?

Liquid is an easy-to-use mobile application that will be released by the end of the summer which allows you to check the status of your day-to-day finances. No, the value of your stock portfolio is not that important when it comes to making decsions on whether to go out to dinner. However, knowing if you'll have enough money to meet all your obligations at the end of the month is.

Wouldn't you want to harness the power of knowing exactly where you stand right this minute financially in the palm of your hands?