With the economy still on the sliding, we seem to be regaling ourselves more and more with sweets, purses, chocolate and wine. Okay, I can understand comfort food, like chocolate, but purses? Come on women! Actually there's an arguement that purses and shoes can be cost cutting; instead of buying a new wardrobe, simply update your accessories to accompany your current wardrobe.

Your Self Control Limit

You may be thinking, "I put myself on this financial diet six months ago and I've been good, now I'm going to wild." There actually is nothing wrong with that; I suggest building a splurge budget, so you actually have the money to buy the things you want to indulge yourself with, then you won't have to go into debt.

Now that you've recognized the urge, here are some things to consider:

How Come Was I Cutting Spending To Begin With?

Once you come back to reality and realize why you started to cut your spending, and the fact that you've been successful for the last six months at cutting your debt, then you'll probably not want to get back into more debt by going wild.

What I find about spending is that it merely makes me feel guilty. Spending doesn't make me feel any better after the initial excitement of the new item has worn off, which usually only takes until the time I unlock the car and put the merchandise in the back seat.

Is There A Replacement For What I Want?

You really have your heart set on new pair of jeans; the world as we know it will come to an end if you don't buy them. Perhaps there is an alternative item, something that will make you just as happy at 25% of the price of the jeans. It's amazing how something you might have thought of as negligible can really bring happiness to you. Usually those things are things you wouldn't ordinarily consider everyday. Think about what that item might be the next time you want to make a $250 purchase.

Reward Yourself

I've said it many times: even people on a diet can eat chocolate cake. There's nothing wrong with rewarding yourself; it gives you the encouragement to move on. You need to celebrate the triumphs; otherwise your subconscious won't be happy; when your subconscious isn't happy, then neither are you. Just make sure you have the money for it and you don't have to go into debt for it.

If you're trying to save money, how often do you get the urge to splurge?



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