Before stepping onto campus for the first time, there are three things every Freshman should know about finances. It's important to get aquainted with a these three financial instruments; they'll not only be important throughout college, but the rest of your life. They'll serve you well if you serve them well, but before you can begin to serve them well, you must understand them.
Ah yes, that first time away from home at school. So much free time, so many things to discover, and so much freedom! All these really cool "activities" cost money, so you start spending it; and this is money you don't even have. But, wait! I can put these expenses on my new credit card; they were handing them out like candy, along with a free t-shirt next to the Student Union.
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Due to the fact that financial literacy is generally not taught in school, young adults graduating from high school are entering the world not knowing how to handle money properly. CapitalOne conducts an annual survey on the state of financial literacy among graduating high school seniors. This year 40% don't feel comfortable managing their money.